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Das Langzeitexperiment   |  23 mins Group   |   2024 TanzLuzern


Flowing Garden   |  50 mins Group   |   2023 Zhi Ren Experiment Theater

                                                             Guang Zhou Times Museum  

Herr Sorge und Miss worry   |  16 mins Group   |   2023 TanzLuzern  

Colour without colours   |  9 mins Solo   |   2022 TanzLuzern

Grass, Broccoli and Octopus   | 12 mins group   |   2022 MainfrankenTheater Würzburg

Bau Im Fluss   |  14 mins Solo   |   2022 Outstanding Performance Award

Copenhagen International Choreography Competition

Fragments  |   11 mins Solo   |   2019 in Radebeul

Seoul International Dance Competition

Echo   |   Half Evening Group   |   2018  Performed in SZENE Salzburg

Jin Zhong Xing  |   8 mins Group   |   2017  Performed in Shen Zhen Middle School


TanzLuzern  |   Wanda Puvogel   |   2022 - now  

Mainfranken Theater Würzburg  |   Dominique Dumais   |   2021- 2022 

Konzert Theater Bern   |   Estefania Miranda   |   2019 - 2021   

Landesbühnen Sachsen   |   Carlos Matos   |   2018 - 2019  

Beijing Dance Theater   |   Wang Yuan Yuan   |   Jul - Dec 2016

Beijing LDTX Theater   |   Willy TSAO   |  Project in 2016    

Dance Film

Remember Nature   |   Shooting and coloring |   2020
Art Site Fest Opening   |   Shooting and Post-production   |   2020    
Let's Say   |   Dancer   |   2017

Training & Workshops

Storm   |   Flow and Improvisation   |   2019 

Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance   |   Pilates   |   2017 - 2018

Shenzhen Arts School   |   Improvisation   |   2014

Ye Lun was born Linfen, Shanxi Province, China, before moving to Shenzhen with his parents at the age of 12. From the age of 20, he has lived, studied, and worked extensively in Hong Kong, the United States, and Europe. He is currently dancing with Theater of Lucerne in Switzerland.

Ye Lun began learning Latin and ballroom dance at the age of 5, eventually winning the championship in the amateur category for Latin Dance in China. A playful childhood filled with computer games, he started full-time computer programming at 15 with the initial dream of creating his own games. However, after experiencing physical discomfort from prolonged computer use, he decided to return the passion of dance.

His programming experience influenced his approach to dance, leading him to interpret movement as "languages." This perspective fueled his exploration of various dance forms, including Popping (Street dance), Tai Chi, Chinese folk dance, Chinese classical dance, contemporary dance, and Ballet.

During high school, Ye Lun majored in history and geography, which provided him with a broader perspective on time and space—key elements in dance. At 18, he formed a dance team, Inkoderz, and choreographed a piece that fused Tai Chi and street dance. Besides dancing, he received proper basic drawing technique at Shen Zhen Middle School, it was considered top 10 high schools in China due to its innovative approach to education. 

Ye Lun entered the Department of Choreography at the University of Shenzhen, where he received not only dance education but also acting education, that was a prelude of how he fuse dance and theatre later as choreographer. After two years he decided to focus more on himself as a dancer so he transferred to the Contemporary Dance Department at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), where he received the Hong Kong Government Scholarship for four consecutive years. During his studies, he toured with the Hong Kong Dance Company in Macao and participated in the 80th American Dance Festival in the United States, also studying at SUNY Purchase in New York as an exchange student.

After graduating, Ye Lun worked with Beijing LDTX Dance Company and Beijing Dance Theater. He received six postgraduate offers from institutions worldwide, including New York University, California Institute of the Arts, Prague Conservatory of Music and Dance, Bath Spa University, and University of Roehampton. He chose to pursue a postgraduate program in choreography (I.C.E. Program) at the Salzburg Experimental Dance Academy (SEAD) in Austria, becoming the first graduate from mainland China. In Europe, he worked at Theater Landesbühne Sachsen, Mainfranken Theater Würzburg in Germany, and Bühne Bern in Switzerland.

His choreography, "Bau im Fluss," was awarded Outstanding Performer at the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition in 2022.


Ye Lun is known for exploring sincere and playful body language while pushing the boundaries of different dance styles and their potential for fusion. He is interested in interdisciplinary work, combining elements of dance, theatre, music and film. With one hand he draws from his Eastern background with the other he draws his experience in Western culture, Ye Lun finds surprising and playful fusions wherever he is creating. 

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